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August 01, 2009

Toronto man uses over 100 stolen identities... and now faces nearly 200 charges of identity theft

From Madeleine White with the Toronto Star:

"A Toronto man faces almost 200 charges relating to identity theft after he used more 100 fraudulent identities to steal money.

The suspect allegedy acquired personal information through a variety of methods including stealing people's mail, said RCMP Insp. Art Pittman.

'As we become more technologically oriented as a society, the ability to commit fraud through the use of someone's personal information increases, and so the threat (of identity theft) increases,' said Pittman.

During the investigation, the RCMP discovered more than 100 sets of identification documents, ranging from counterfeit Canadian citizenship cards to Ontario drivers' licenses, credit and debit cards.

Investigators also seized a list of names, social insurance numbers and birthdays, which they suspect was intended for future targets.

Most of the victims in this case are residents of the GTA or the U.S., however, some identities are simply made up, said Pittman.

The RCMP will need to figure out which identities belong to real people and which ones are fictitious.

Charged is Shakiru Olasunkanmi Ajibola, 47, with 170 charges relating to identity theft, mail theft and possession of stolen credit card data.

Ajibola remained in police custody after his Thursday court appearance."

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