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August 06, 2009

National Guard members at risk for identity theft

Members of the Wisconsin National Guard may be at risk of identity theft due to a stolen laptop. Here's the article from Madison, Wisconsin's

"The Army National Guard said today some of its members could be subject to possible identity theft after a laptop containing their personal data was stolen.

The affected members will be notified by official letter.

'I immediately requested a list of any Wisconsin soldiers that may be affected,' wrote Brig. Gen. Don Dunbar, Adjutant General of Wisconsin and commander of the Wisconsin National Guard, in an email message to reporters. 'We are working closely with National Guard Bureau to identify soldiers and minimize associated risks.'

The Army Guard reports 131,000 former and current members could be affected by the data loss. A personal laptop used by a contractor was stolen at the end of July.
The Army Guard will inform those Guard members who are determined to be impacted by this incident by mailing a letter to them, Noller said.

The National Guard Bureau has set up a special Web page at, and the Army Guard will have a toll-free call center available from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday through Friday beginning Aug. 5. The number is 877-481-4957. Each features up-to-date news and information on the data compromise."

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