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August 25, 2009

ATMs vulnerable to ID theft

Those darn identity thieves are getting craftier all the time. Here's the latest from

"Identity theft last year put Citibank-branded ATMs in 7-Eleven stores in jeopardy in the US.

Law enforcement officials have said perpetrators penetrated a network linking 2,200 kiosks inside 7-Eleven stores with Citibank in late 2007/08.While Citibank’s logo was shown on the screen of the ATM’s, the network and machines were owned by Texas-based CardTronics, which took in monthly fees from Citi. A group of fraudsters lifted card and PIN codes from the system while their cohorts manufactured new cards that were used to get about $2m in cash from Citibank ATMs elsewhere.

A set of prepaid iWire cards was also compromised, leading to about $5 million in fraudulent withdrawals, most of which was sent to Russia."

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