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August 08, 2009

Symantec teaming up with LifeLock? Time to switch to McAfee!

Symantec, the software company that sells the Norton Anti-Virus software, has now teamed up with LifeLock of all companies! Why a legitimate company like Symantec would team up and invest in a scam of a company like LifeLock is beyond me. Here's the story from the Phoenix Business Journal:

"LifeLock Inc. and computer security specialist Symantec Corp. announced a partnership Friday to help prevent identity theft.

The two companies will package a limited edition of Symantec’s Norton Internet Security or Norton AntiVirus with a free 30-day trial membership to LifeLock, 10 percent off a continued membership and two movie tickets.

Millions of people keep financially and personally identifying paperwork on their computers that can be accessed through simple file-sharing programs.

'Online security is a great first line of defense, but the best offline offense is to guard your identity, your money and your credit with identity theft protection,' said Janice Chaffin, group president of the consumer business unit at Cupertino, Calif.-based Symantec (Nasdaq:SYMC).
'In partnership with LifeLock, we want to provide consumers with the tools they need to better safeguard themselves in both worlds.'

LifeLock is looking to partner with other companies to provide better resources for consumers.

'You, your identity and your financial information are more vulnerable than ever before, and people need to protect themselves and their wallets — no matter if they’re in a crowded public place or shopping online from home,' said Todd Davis, CEO of Tempe-based LifeLock."

Notice they had to throw two movie tickets into the "free" offer from LifeLock to actually be giving consumers something of value. If this is the way Norton protects my computer, its time to switch to McAfee!

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