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August 20, 2009

Data breach at the Raddison

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"There's been another credit card security breach, this time at the Radisson hotel chain.

Experts have a slew of important information, though, that can help you protect your credit information when you're away from home. At hotel check-in, you're often handing over your name, address, and credit cards – the keys to your identity, given to complete strangers. It's enough to put many travelers on alert.

'We always check our records just in case,' Miami resident Maria Parets said. 'I guess I don't [check my records],' Los Angeles resident Don Pittman said. 'I haven't given a second thought to it.' 'I think people are a bit paranoid about identity theft and all that,' Pierre Corsett, visiting from London, said.

Just as identity theft has risen, so have concerns. On Wednesday, the Radisson hotel chain revealed that a hacker accessed their computer system, nabbing guests personal information and credit card numbers. Customers exposed to the theft stayed at hotels between November 2008 and May 2009.

Of the 400 properties run by Radisson, only hotels in the US and Canada were hacked. While Radisson doesn't know how many customers are affected, they did take an unusual step: taking out large ads in major national newspapers warning customers they could become victims of identity theft."

Federal authorities are investigating the data breach. If any of you become a victim and need help or advice, remember you can contact me by posting a comment to this blog or by e-mailing me directly at

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