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November 23, 2009

"The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated" ... by Experian

Few knew that the rest of Mark Twain's quote attributed the reports of his death to Experian, but Ann Howe found that out the hard way.  Experian decided to start informing any one who asked for Ann Howe of Seattle's credit report that she was no longer among the living.  Problem is, she was and is very much still alive.

Howe tried to refinance her home mortgage but was denied by her bank because Experian told her bank she was dead.  Apparently, her banker thought she was a ghost since she was sitting in front of him when Experian declared her dead, since the bank opted to believe Experian instead of the breathing, talking woman visiting their bank.

What's worse, it took Howe and her daughter months of faxes, notarized papers, phone calls and letters and still Experian would not believe Howe was alive, which meant the bank would not approve the refinance.

Fortunately, Experian finally agreed with Howe's doctors that she was indeed still alive.  Once Experian came to its senses, Howe's credit report was corrected and she was finally able to obtain her loan.

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