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November 04, 2009

Crime almost paid ... to the tune of $1.1 million

A New York computer technician almost got away with a scheme that would have netted him $1.1 million.  The key word being "almost".

Adeniyi Adeyemi has been arrested and charged with stealing the identities of more than 150 Bank of New York employees and using their identities to open bank accounts and brokerage accounts to be used as dummy accounts to receive stolen funds.  Adeyemi then allegedly stole funds from the bank accounts of charities and other non-profit organizations, transferring the funds to the dummy accounts.  He later withdrew the funds from the dummy accounts and deposited into other accounts.  Most of the crime was perpretrated over the internet, since charities make their account information readily available in order to encourage donations, which also makes them easy targets for a computer hacking identity thief such as Adeyemi. 

The U.S. Secret Service investigated, finding dozens of credit reports of Bank of New York employees (i.e. Adeyemi's co-workers) on Adeyemi's computer.  Also, investigators also found notebooks containing hundreds of names, SSNs and other personal identifiers, as well as credit cards in the names of Bank of New York employees, in a storage locker rented by Adeyemi.

Sounds like the government's case is pretty solid.

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