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November 08, 2009

Data breach victims four times more likely to be victims of identity theft

According to a recent study called "Data Breach Notifications: Victims Face Four Tmes Higher Risk of Fraud", those individuals whose information is exposed via a data breach are four times more likely to have their identity stolen than the average person.  The results of this study are contrary to the party line spewed by most companies that victims of their data breaches typically are not later victimized by fraudsters or identity thieves.  The study, conducted by Javelin Research, also underscores the need for stronger legislation to protect individuals from data breaches and require notification when data breaches occur.  As I posted earlier, the Senate Judiciary Committee has approved two such bills - S. 139 and S. 1490.

The study utilized multiple years of data including 2009 data breaches. The report also presents a timeline overview of the most recent and egregious data breaches in U.S. history, with recommendations for how individuals and companies can increase safety.

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