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November 24, 2009

New telephone scam in the U.K.

Based upon my decade of practicing law with an emphasis on representing victims of identity theft, I always believed that identity thieves target those with good to excellent credit histories, since it was those types of credit histories that equate to an easier time getting approved for credit, whether applied for by the consumer or the identity thief.   A target rich environment, if you will.

But here's a scam that targets those in debt rather than those with credit lines available to be obtained.  The article is from

Fraudsters are targeting those struggling with debt.

They are tricking people into giving out personal details and money with scam telephone calls.

Crooks, posing as staff from the Government, Office of Fair Trading, High Street banks or claims-management companies, are calling and persuading people to give them as bank details, with the promise of repayment of debts.

Victims are asked to make an upfront payment after being told they are entitled to a repayment of bank charges or other debts.

Equifax, the ID fraud expert, is urging everyone to keep their personal details safe.

Neil Munroe from Equifax says: “Criminals are targeting those already in debt and they are very convincing and persuasive, calling victims repeatedly.

“Anyone who provides their details over the phone risks having their accounts emptied, leaving them even more in debt.”

Never give out personal details over the phone. Call the head office of the company concerned to find out if a call is genuine.
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