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November 17, 2009

Identity theft leads to murder

Christopher Helmlinger was murdered in September.  Berryville, Arkansas police believe Evin Davis, Jr. murdered Helmlinger in order to steal his identity.

Helmlinger was shot to death and buried in a shallow grave.  His body was found approximately two weeks after his family reported him missing when police received a tip about a mound of dirt with a shovel nearby.  Davis, who went by the alias Charles Hedstrom, was spotted near the mound of dirt.  The same night Helmlinger's body was found, Davis a.k.a. Hedstrom and his family left town. 

Davis a.k.a Hedstrom worked with Helmlinger at Tyson Foods and spent a lot of time together.  The police's investigation of the tip regarding Davis' proximity to the location of Helmlinger's body led police to learn that Hedstrom was really Davis and was wanted in Missouri for stealing a car. 

Davis' wife was apprehended when she showed up for her final pay check.  She refused to tell authorities where her husband was holed up, but he eventually turned himself in.  Davis is being held while a determination regarding his bond is pending.  His wife is being held on a $1 million bond.

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