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December 17, 2009

Yes, I'm vain.

Someone once told me that vain people like to google their own names.  Guess I'm ultra vain then, since I have a google alert set up to google my name for me.  (BTW, google alerts are great.  I  have alerts set up to e-mail me whenever new content appears on the web regarding Experian, Equifax, Trans Union, identity theft and the FCRA.  Pretty nifty.) 

The reason (other than vanity) I have a google alert for my name is that there is such a thing as social network identity theft, where someone steals your online identity (i.e. opens a facebook page under your name, etc.)  Supposedly, if someone tried to do this, my google alert would inform me and I could then take action. 

But what the google alert on my name did today was remind me of a great article by Kiplinger's magazine from 2004 about mixed files.  The article mentions me and my first of many mixed file cases against Equifax.  Here's the link to the article -

Now, you must excuse me.  I've got to get back to googling my name while looking in the mirror.

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