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December 31, 2009

PC World's identifies the top ten security nightmares from the past ten years

Interesting article from PC World about the Top Ten Computer Security Nightmares of the past decade.  Scary how far we've come in the past ten years.  Here's the article -

PC World has been around forever ... at least in terms of the computer age.  I remember my first computer.  It was actually my dad's.  Not sure the year, I was just a kid.  But he subscribed to PC World back then.  And they would print the BASIC code (BASIC was an early computer language) for a simple computer program.  My ten year old self would spend hours typing in every line of the program.  One small mistake and the program would not run properly.  All that work, just to make the screen flash different colors ... or to repeatedly print my name in alternating colors.  Those were good times.  Wish my Dad was here now to see what the computers he first turned me on to can do.

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