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December 15, 2009

Identity thief no real "princess"

Memphian Princess Bland has been arrested for identity theft.  Shelby County, Tennessee authorities searched the north Memphis home of Princess Bland and found the names, Social Security numbers and even tax records of Bland's alleged victims from all over the United States.  Authorities claim that Bland was using these identities of 26 people to purchase items over the internet.

All 26 victims are over the age of 55 and did not know their identities had been stolen.  Bland allegedly used their identities to purchase over $17,000 worth of computers and computer accessories from computer manufacturer Dell.  Bland, however, made the mistake of using the same e-mail address on all the purchases, which tipped off Dell's fraud investigators.  Dell then contacted the appropriate authorities.

According to Memphis authorities, Bland was a supervisor of an unnamed company and used her position to obtain her victims' information. The company should be looked into for its hiring practices, as Bland was no "princess", as she had an extensive criminal history of identity theft and theft in general.  Had the company done its homework, 26 people would not have become victims. 

The first 6 victims investigated have not been from the Memphis area.  The authorities are still waiting on the list identifying the other 20 victims.

Authorities believe that Bland did not act alone and that she also used the victims' identities to open department store credit cards.  Bland's victims, if they read this, should contact an attorney in my line of work.  If you need help, please feel free to contact me at and I will do my best to assist you or find an attorney in your area that is also experienced in this type of case.

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