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December 02, 2009

H1N1 identity theft e-mail phishing scam

As if the swine flu virus wasn't bad enough, now identity thieves are using it to their advantage.  Scammers are using e-mails offering a "Personal H1N1 Vaccination Profile".  The e-mail scam appears to come from the Center for Disease Control and actually uses a pretty good (but still fake) version of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services logo. 

The e-mail tries to dupe the reader into clicking on a link to a separate site, ostensibly to set up a profile containing the reader's name, contact details, and personal medical history.  A screen shot of the picture is below:

The website has several links that all will download a file which probably contaisn some malicious code which would do Lord knows what to your computer.  The virus would probably include code to obtain your personal information from your computer.

Although the Web address in the e-mail link appears to be operated by (the agency's Web site), a hidden portion of the address indicates that the site is actually in Belgium.

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