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October 12, 2009

Son steals deceased father's identity

In the course of my ten year career representing identity theft victims, I have seen as many people victimized by family members as I have by strangers.  So this case is nothing new, except that the victim has been dead for nearly two decades. 

Raymond Erhardt II was a licensed plumbing and heating contractor until his death in 1990.  But for the past 18 years, it has appeared that Erhardt II was still plumbing away, despite being deceased.  For those 18 years, Erhardt's son, Raymond Erhardt III, used Erhardt II's plumbing and heating licenses to operate his own business, Danbury, Connecticut based Air Crafters, LLC.

Erhardt III annually filled out renewal forms for three separate licenses of his father, omitting the II or III from the applications.  This allegedly allowed Erhardt III to use his father's licenses for over 18 years.

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