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October 12, 2009

Psychic identity thief caught anyway

James Scott Carver, an Ohio Fifth Third Bank employee who also offered psychic readings and spiritual counseling via a website, was arrested and charged with stealing the identity of a bank customer.  He even touted himself as being able to psychically solve crimes. You'd think a crime solving psychic would see his own arrest coming?!  Maybe his website customers need to seek a refund.

Even better, while investigating Carver's identity theft charge, police found DVDs containing child pornography, which led to the arrest of Carver's "partner" Roy Frederick Sholtes.  So, thanks to Carver's inability to see the arrest in his own future, the police got a two for one, removing both an identity thief and a child pornographer from the streets of Ohio.

Police and bank officials are asking customers of the Fifth Third branch where Carver worked (located on Declaration Drive in Independence, OH) to check their accounts for fraudulent or suspicious activity.

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