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October 05, 2009

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets stung by identity theft

An identity thief employed by Georgia Tech allegedly stole $10,000 from the school.  Meredith Durrah, a program coordinator in Georgia Tech's College of Sciences, is charged with identity theft and stealing more than $10,000 from Georgia Tech. 

Durrah is accused of stealing the identity of an Illinois resident.  She allegedly had payroll checks issued in the Illinois resident's name but then took possession of the fraudulent pay checks.  Durrah's scheme started with a letter she allegedly forged from a Georgia Tech professor offering a job to the Illinois victim.  Durrah used the forged letter to allow her to add the victim to the Georgia Tech payroll, then issue fraudulent payroll checks, which Durrah seized and deposited into her own checking account.  Each check was written for $5,100.

Georgia Tech has fired Durrah, who currently faces charges of theft by forgery and forgery, and could face additional charges. 

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