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September 20, 2009

Identity theft not limited to the United States

According to a recent study conducted by research firm YouGov, identity theft affects one in eight adults in the United Kingdom.  Bloody hell (said in my best English accent).

Specifically, one in eight adults in the U.K. have been a victim of online fraud or identity theft.  I know that I have purportedly won the U.K. lottery dozens of times (at least that's what my inbox tells me just about every morning) so think how much worse it must be if you are actually from the U.K.?!

YouGov's poll included approximately 2100 adults in the U.K.   Most of the losses were credited to increasingly sophisticated attack methods combined with continued ignorance of consumers in their online habits.  According to researchers, many online users remain in the dark on how to spot fraudulent sites or protect their data from online theft.

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