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September 19, 2009

Cousins nabbed trying to rip off Wal-Mart in identity theft scam

Cousins tried to rip off Wal-Mart by trying to pass forged checks in two different Wal-Marts.  Both sisters were arrested for identity theft related charges.

Kelly Danyel Holmes of Hercules, California, attempted to use a forged check at the Wal-Mart in Anderson, California.  Alas for Ms. Holmes, the forgery didn't fly.  Wal-Mart security matched Holmes to the description of a suspected forged check passer from the Wal-Mart store in Medford, Oregon.  Wal-Mart security then alerted the Anderson Police Department.

Holmes then gave false identification to the Anderson police officer who arrived to investigate, prompting her immediate arrest.  Items found during a search of Holmes' purse linked her to identity theft, burglaries and forgeries in seven different jurisdictions of California and Oregon.

Interestingly, Holmes' cousin Brenda Hackett was caught at another Wal-Mart store received the same type alert from the Medford Wal-Mart.  Anderson police suspect that the two cousins were traveling together committing the same type crimes.  How's that for family fun?!

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