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September 23, 2009

Credit Reports, not Credit Scores, Affect Employment Chances

As I have reported previously, potential employers have a permissible purpose to obtain your credit report with consumer consent.  According to Pamela Yip with the Dallas Morning News, the credit bureaus do not get your credit score with a credit report obtained for employment purposes.  Pamela reports the following as the positions of each of the credit bureaus:
• "The key point to consider here is that credit scores are not predictive of employment performance," said Steven R. Katz, director of consumer brand at TransUnion. "They are designed to predict the likelihood of such things as an individual defaulting on a loan or filing for bankruptcy."
• "We don't provide credit scores with an employment report because they're not extending you a loan," said Michele Boddavice, president of product management and development at Experian Credit Services. "There's no relevancy there to your credit score and an employment decision."
• Equifax doesn't "provide credit scores or files [credit reports] for pre-employment screenings," said spokesman Tim Klein.

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