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September 14, 2009

Another identity theft conviction

Tim Pfarr of reported the following regarding an identity theft conviction:
"Gabriel Jang, 36, of Renton, [Washington], has changed his plea for his role in an identity theft ring that brought in more than $3 million during a seven-year period. 
Jang, arrested Nov. 20, 2008, operated from a Newcastle post office box.

He faced 21 charges, including wire fraud and aggravated identity theft, and in January he pleaded not guilty to all of the charges.

His trial was scheduled to begin in February, but it was delayed.

In August, he entered into a plea agreement in which he changed his plea to guilty on four charges — conspiracy to commit bank fraud, access device fraud, aggravated identity theft and structuring currency transactions. The remaining 17 charges were dropped.

With these four charges, Jang could face as many as 57 years in prison and much as $1.75 million in fines.

Jang is scheduled to be sentenced Dec. 4."

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