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July 26, 2009

Now the FBI is watching me "closely"

Got another scam e-mail today. Now the FBI is watching me "closely" because of all the "communications" I have had with all the "criminals" in Africa sending all that money to folks over here in the good ol' U.S.A. The e-mail starts off by recognizing that most of the promised payments from Africa are scams so the U.S. government has halted all such payments, that's why they need more information from me, so they can send my "legitimate" payment via "diplomatic" means? What? Is somebody going to show up at my house with one of those "diplomatic pouches" that ambassadors are allowed to carry around? The e-mail is from an e-mail address with a ending which I think means its from Zaire. Since when did the U.S. government start using a gmail account from Zaire to send official e-mails?

Here's the text of the e-mail.


During the United Nations summit held last week at Geneva, The United Nations has stopped every paymentcoming from Africa and Europe to be made by all those corrupt African officials as they are using it to extortmoney from innocent citizens. Because of their habbit of requesting for more money after the other, Mostinnocent citizens have cleaned their life savings trying to receive their long awaited payments. This havebroken many homes in the United States, put alot of families homeless, taken alot of lives, causing severesickness to people e.t.c.

You are advised to stop every communications with any person or group of persons who are promising to getyour funds to you and receive your funds within 5 working days through a first class diplomatic means. Thisis the only approved payment method for proper records. Your funds are already sealed in a trunk box with ahigh diplomatic immunity coverage which is presently lying in the United Nations safe room in SeattleWashington U.S.A.The FBI is aware of this and are watching you closely incase you did not stop communications with thosecriminals.

Your funds will be shipped to your address as soon as we have an understanding with you.

You are advised to confirm the below details:


I have been officially assigned to handle this delivery.

Thanks for your understanding

John Harvey
US. Diplomat

Apparently, they should be spending this money they are always sending to us poor ol' Americans on grammar lessons so their e-mail scams might actually look more convincing.

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