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July 13, 2009

Canadians, look out. Identity theft on the rise in Canada.

From an article by Calvin Azuri, appearing at

"Complaints of online identity theft are reportedly on the rise in Canada, with the information superhighway granting potential thieves access to personal information. According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Call Centre (CAFCC), more than 6 million such cases were reported in 2007. Canadians need to beware and be informed, rather than fall victim to online identity theft.

Increased online transactions are enabling thieves to steal and use personal and financial information of unsuspecting Canadians. According to the Criminal Intelligence Services of Canada, online identity theft trends have moved towards economic, environmental and financial crimes. A large number of Canadians engage in online transactions on a daily basis, unaware that identity theft can happen at several points of online contact. Since no one is immune, the only way to refrain from becoming victim to identity theft is to be cautious and aware."

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