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July 16, 2009

North Carolina gets new identity theft law

North Carolina has passed a new law to give more protection from identity theft.

"Consumers will have more protection against identity theft including being able to freeze their credit for free under a new law approved today by the NC General Assembly, Attorney General Roy Cooper said.

'A security freeze on your credit blocks criminals from opening new accounts and running up debts in your name,' Cooper said. 'This new law means you can freeze your credit for free to protect your good name.'

Senate Bill 1017, sponsored by Senator Josh Stein, won concurrence in the Senate today after winning unanimous approval in the House earlier this week. Starting October 1, the measure will allow North Carolina consumers to get a security freeze for free through a secure website or for a low fee by telephone or mail. A security freeze prevents an identity thief from opening new accounts or taking out credit in your name

'This legislation represents a major step forward in the fight against identity theft. North Carolinians can now put on a security freeze, which is like a padlock on your credit report, at no cost and much more easily,' said Stein. 'We are also the first state in the country to require businesses to notify you that you have a right to a free credit report before they sell you a credit monitoring service.'"

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