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July 17, 2009

New identity theft bust - this time a police sergeant!

A University of Central Missouri police sergeant and his wife have been busted as part of an identity theft scheme. Not only is it the most underprosecuted crime in the nation, now the cops are apparently getting involved ... on the wrong side of the law! Here's the article written by Mara Rose Williams of the Kansas City Star -

"A University of Central Missouri police sergeant and his wife have been arrested in an identity theft involving the stolen Social Security numbers for 7,000 students and alumni.

James and Amanda Drake have been charged with fraud, forgery, illegal credit card use and filing a false police report.

The FBI and university police are continuing their investigation.

'There may be other arrests connected with the investigation forthcoming,' said Bob Ahring, chief of the university’s Department of Public Safety.

'It appears that about a dozen individuals may have had their personal information used for fraudulent purposes,' said Jeff Murphy, spokesman for the school.

During an unrelated investigation of Amanda Drake, 30, on warrants involving passing bad checks from Johnson and Henry counties, police recovered stolen computer printouts with the names, addresses, telephone and Social Security numbers for students from the summers of 2005 and 2006."

For those 7000 students and alumni that are now at risk of identity theft, check your credit reports and, if you find out you are a victim of identity theft, please contact me ( I know some good Missouri attorneys who handle identity theft cases.

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