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June 20, 2009

Identity theft ring broken up

Jason Barry, a reporter with, reports on an identity theft ring in Arizona that was recently broken up.

"PHOENIX -- Arizona is the number one state in the country when it comes to identity theft, according to the victim's assistance group Identity Theft 911. It's a statistic Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas is hoping to change.

Thomas held a news conference Friday to announce local law enforcement agencies broke up a major identity theft operation that put 17 ID theft suspects behind bars. 'These indictments and arrests are the result of a united effort by law enforcement to tackle gangs and identity theft,' Thomas said. 'The goal is to break this criminal syndicate, which stole thousands of dollars from victims in order to fund the Mexican Mafia.'

The suspects were arrested this week at various homes around the Valley and now face an assortment of charges including forgery, money laundering and trafficking stolen property."

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