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June 12, 2009

Experian's dislike of LifeLock is finally explained

I finally figured out why Experian, who is not normally on the side of anyone but itself, was willing to take on LifeLock, which, like Experian, is not on the side of consumers either. I figured at first it was just that LifeLock made Experian's life hard by requesting fraud alerts for its clients regardless of whether the customer ever even claimed to be a fraud victim.

But, while checking the ads appearing on my own blog, it all finally became clear. As you can possibly still see at the top of the blog (although I'm trying to block their ads from appearing), there is an ad for This company markets to the same audience as LifeLock, i.e. those scared of identity theft and thinking there is some magic bullet that can easily protect them. When I went to, I found that is part of a family of online sites that belong to, which is owned by.... you guessed it, Experian. So Experian is attacking LifeLock in an effort to hamper and/or eliminate the competition for one of its websites. Figures, huh?

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