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June 14, 2009

Article about medical identity theft

There was an article today on about a segment this morning on Good Morning America about medical identity theft. Here's part of the article:

"There are several tips to prevent it [medical identity theft] from happening. One is to safeguard your health insurance card and look for inconsistencies in your health insurance statements as well as in your medical records.

... Medical identity theft is the type of ID theft when someone steals your identity and either obtains health insurance in your name or uses your current medical insurance policy to obtain treatment or prescriptions. You can be denied health insurance coverage or lose your current health coverage because of false information placed in your medical record.

... When someone takes your healht insurance card an identity [thief] can receive treatment for an injury to his hand using a stolen identity. Now, the identity theft victim will receive letters demanding payment for drugs and services rendered to the thief. Inconsistencies in your health insurance bill should quickly reveal this type of situation and help you to take actions to protect your medical identity and records."

For the whole article, click here -

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