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May 29, 2009

Scam alert -

This website is a scam - This website offers to assign you a "CPN" a.k.a. a "Credit Profile Number" to use instead of a Social Security number. Their claim is that by using a CPN, a consumer can avoid any bad credit history already associated with their Social Security number. Don't fall for their claims, which include:

"CPN Services: For as low as $79.99 we will develop your personal business foundation which will be legal for you to own and operate base on current IRS and business rules of law . Don't be discouraged by CPN witch hunters, who rant and rave over the term 'CPN' which is nothing more than a abbreviated 3 letter word which means; nothing more than, Credit Profile Number; which is simply defined as, 'ANY 9 DIGIT NUMBER WHICH CAN BE USED FOR CREDIT,' which means exactly that! Any 9 digit number that can be used for credit, which can be found in every bank, credit union, or financial institution as a SSN, ITIN, TIN, or EIN. Banks and lending institutions DO IN FACT LEND TO; individuals using SSN's, legal non resident aliens using ITIN's, tax paying individuals using TIN's, and businesses using EIN's! For proof and articles proving, 'Their is life beyond SSN Credit.'"

Using a different number is possibly illegal and, regardless, does not work. The credit bureaus' matching logic, while faulty on multiple levels, is able to see through this charade and simply assign the consumer's SSN bad credit to their new "CPN". So, beware, be aware and don't fall for this scam!

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  1. Amazing post!! I actually ran into a dealer here in LA who uses their service and swears by their work. I dont know much about using CPN or EIN for credit or finance, but I have seen the credit score boosting effects of adding aged seasoned tradeline history to your credit report! Being fair and understanding both side of the arguement; the primary reason these guys stay in business is becuase: A) Legally, It Is Lawful and Legal to sell EIN's, partnerships or other forms of business structures, B) Adding selling or brokering AU credit card accounts is a legal activity which is an activity and benefit also shared by anyone who has a credit card account by way of Bank of America, Chase, Citi Bank, Barclays, Discover Cards, Capital One Cards and a host of other large banks.

    My vote for those guys by way of what i have seen and heard as related to CPN/ EIN and seasoned tradelines; As long as the process is performed legally, Then we just have to deal with another Larry Flynn Hustler, Playboy, Casino, Non Status Quo operation. Im a J.D. of 20 years; This is still America and the truth of the law must guild us! If you really want to put those guys out of business of take away half their business; consider lobbing the large banks which allow adding authorized user tradelines in the first place.

    James; Long Beach, CA.