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May 30, 2009

LifeLock does not work

You've probably heard the ads and seen the commercials for "LifeLock", which claims to be able to prevent your identity from being stolen. Believe me, there's absolutely no 100% way to prevent your identity from being stolen. LifeLock is just another company preying on victims of identity theft or people scared of having their identity stolen.

LifeLock's sales gimmick is that its CEO reveals his real Social Security number on its advertisements, supposedly because LifeLock can prevent his identity from being stolen. Wrong. LifeLock's ads fail to tell you that his identity has been stolen numerous times since his Social Security number started being revealed in LifeLock's ad campaign, despite LifeLock's supposed "protection".

Not only does LifeLock not work, what it does do can be done easily and for free by you. All LifeLock does is add fraud alerts to your credit reports (regardless of whether you are a fraud victim or not), take you off junk mail lists and request your free credit reports for you. Everything that LifeLock supposedly does for you, you can do for yourself with one letter to each of the credit bureaus and the completion of one simple form sent to Why pay LifeLock over $100 a year for that, especially in this economy.

LifeLock used to automatically tell each of the credit bureaus that its customers were fraud victims, even if they were not. In fact, why sign up for LifeLock AFTER your identity was stolen? Isn't the whole point to sign up and PROTECT your identity? But LifeLock would tell the credit bureaus that its customers were already fraud victims, thereby committing a fraud themselves and, in the process, weakening any case its clients might have under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, since juries don't take kindly to plaintiffs who commit fraud but then complain when someone commits one against them.

I guess LifeLock got sued for this fraudulent practice enough times so that now they only report its customers as fraud victims if they are actually victims of identity theft or suspect they are identity theft victims. But if that is already true, then it is already too late for LifeLock to help them, so what's the point? The truth is ... there is no point to LifeLock. It does not work. It does not do anything that you can't do yourself easily for free. And it does not work. I know I said that last one twice but that was on purpose since LifeLock is a total waste of money.

Advice from this consumer attorney, save your money and DON'T USE LIFELOCK.

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