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January 05, 2010

Does using another person's identity when you get married constitute a menage a trois?

Aracelis Cherico, a Manhattan, New York medical assistant has pled guilty to stealing a stranger's identity and using it to get married in the other woman's name.

As a result of Cherico's marriage in her victim's name, the victim's application for a marriage license was denied.  Cherico admitted using the name and personal identifiers of Sara Benitez for years, including when Cherico wed in 1992.  Cherico also filed tax returns in Benitez's name to get more than $2,600 in refunds.

Cherico is expected to be sentenced to 60 days in prison and to help clear Benitez's name.  Seems to me that that's a pretty weak sentence and, from my experience, even the identity thief's help is not enough to undo the havoc caused on an identity theft victim's credit report and financial life.

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