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January 18, 2010

Chicago Cub Tyler Colvin possible identity theft victim

Tyler Colvin, a touted up and coming outfield prospect for my favorite baseball team, the Chicago Cubs, is at least an attempted identity theft victim.  Colvin has never been to Utah.  Yet, someone used his name and apparent emerging baseball fame to purchase a $50,000 Dodge pickup truck at a West Valley City, Utah car dealership last week.

Authorities caught up to Matthew T. Van Meter, a 24 year old resident of Nevada, after he presented documents identifying himself as Colvin and signed Colvin's name to a contract to purchase the truck, with a promise to return the next day to pay for the vehicle.

Van Meter, who is being held in a Salt Lake jail, allegedly also has a theft warrant out for him in Tacoma, Washington.

Tyler, if you read this, first let me say I am a huge Cubs fan.  And, second, if you need legal representation, please e-mail me at and I'll be happy to help a Cubbie out!

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