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January 13, 2010

Data breach thwarted by Suffolk Bancorp

Suffolk Bancorp (NASDAQ - SUBK) announced today that on December 24, 2009, its banking subsidiary, the Suffolk County National Bank ("SCNB") discovered through an internal security review that an unauthorized intruder accessed certain customers' Log In information via the computer server hosting SCNB's Online Banking system.

Based on SCNB's investigation, which is ongoing, the unauthorized access occurred during a finite, six-day-period between November 18 and November 23, 2009. 8,378 Online Banking customers were affected, amounting to less than 10 percent of SCNB's total customers. Although the intrusion was limited in duration and scope, SCNB immediately isolated and rebuilt the compromised server and took other measures to ensure the security of data on the server. To date, SCNB has found no evidence of any unauthorized access to Online Banking accounts, nor received any reports of unusual activity or reports of financial loss to its customers.
SCNB has taken a number of additional steps to minimize any possible effect of this incident on its customers.

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