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May 30, 2012

Interesting article about specialty consumer reports

As you know if you've been following this blog, the term "consumer report" applies to much more than just the common credit report.  According to a recent article on, the most common types of "specialty" credit reports include:

  1. Check-writing history—bounced checks and accounts closed due to fraud or insufficient funds.
  2. Tenant history—rental history, including eviction actions obtained from court records or previous landlords.
  3. Insurance claims history—history on your past homeowner and vehicle claims.
  4. Medical history—routine health information and history of medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma or depression.
  5. Prescription history—prescription drugs used and dosages/refill history.
  6. Employment background—screening for criminal history, marital status, prior addresses and driving record.
The Fair Credit Reporting Act applies to these types of reports as well as providing special rights and protections that apply to these reports.  The rights that the FCRA affords to consumers that apply to specialty reports include:

  • The right to one free report every year or upon notice of adverse action. Upon request, specialty consumer reporting agencies must provide a free copy of your report once per year or upon denial based upon information in the report.
  • The right to dispute inaccurate or obsolete information. The specialty consumer reporting agency must investigate your dispute and correct or remove inaccurate or outdated records.
  • The right to be advised of a background check. An employer who plans to conduct a background check must notify you and get your permission.

  • The article also provides a nice list of the "other" consumer reporting agencies and how to request a consumer report from each.  I've reprinted it below:

    To order a check writing history report, contact Chexsystems at 800-428-9623; Shared Check Authorization Network at 800-262-7771; and Telecheck at 800-366-2425.
    To order a tenant history report, contact ChoicePoint at 877-448-5732 and SafeRent at 888-333-2413.
    To order an insurance claims history report, contact ChoicePoint at 866-312-8076 and A-Plus Reports at 800-709-8842.
    To order a medical history report, contact Medical Information Bureau at 866-692-6901.
    To order a prescription history report, contact MedPoint at 888-206-0335 and IntelliScript at 877-211-4816.
    To order an employment background screening report, contact ChoicePoint at 866-312-8075.
    To order a ChoicePoint Full File Disclosure, visit
     The full article can be found here and is worth a read -

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