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February 12, 2011

A new low

Can you believe this?  A total of six identity thieves plead guilty recently to stealing the identity of more than 50 residents of Maryland, which resulted in the theft of more than $200,000.  The scheme involved defrauding banks in Maryland and five other states and the withdrawal of money from people's personal bank accounts.

Here's the shocking part.  The identity thieves followed funeral processions in order to rob cars parked at cemetaries of credit cards, driver's licenses and social security cards.  They aslo broke into cars parked outside churches, gyms, day care centers and parks.  How brazen and low down is that?  Imagine going to a loved one's funeral, already the victim of grief, only to be victimized again by unscrupulous identity thieves?!
The identity thieves used the information from the stolen cards to get information on personal accounts from banks. Prosecutors said one of the suspects worked at a bank and helped his friends get checks made out to the men in the scheme. The men would then visits the victims' banks and impersonate the people on the cards, sometimes putting on wigs, prosecutors said.


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