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February 12, 2011

More on Google v. Bing

I recently posted about Bing's theft of Google's identity - see - so I thought I would also report on the below subject, even though it really has nothing to do with the FCRA (although it does involve Experian).  I just found it interesting and thought you might as well.

Recently, Experian's Hitwise, which allegedly tracks the performance of different search engines including Google and Bing, reported that Bing was more accurate than Google.  This sent shockwaves through the internet techie world.  But a closer examination reveals that Experian's Hitwise made a pretty big leap to get to this conclusion.  Instead of giving you my own thoughts, I'd rather point you to a post by Chris Richardson which I think is spot on - particularly in comparing Experian's methodology to Office Space's "Jump to Conclusion Mat".   Hilarious.

Chris Richardson's article can be found here -  Enjoy!

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