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February 16, 2010

Potential Blue Cross ID Theft Victims Top 500,000

Look out, former and current members of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Tennessee.  Another 301,628 of you are going to find out shortly that you may be another victim of identity theft.  Don't worry, you've got company, as 220,133 people were already notified of their potential fate.

Last year, computer hard drives were stolen that happened to contain the personal identifiers and other information regarding over 500,000 members of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Tennessee.

Blue Cross is offering free credit and ID remediation to those potentially affected.  Whoop tee do.  That's like offering a condom to a pregnant woman.  Nice gesture, but a little bit ineffective at this point.

Blue Cross should be offering these people cold hard cash for the worry and stress of potentially being a victim of identity theft.  These people paid good money to Blue Cross to insure them.  Blue Cross, they trusted you to keep their personal identifiers and medical information secure.  But you didn't.  Now over 500,000 people are at risk of one of the worst things that can happen to anyone, losing their good name due to the fault of another. 

I bet if the big wigs at Blue Cross had their identity stolen, they would be the first to balk at "free credit and ID remediation" and demand real justice.  Now lets see if they will step up for their customers.

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