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September 17, 2017

Don't Answer Calls from Equifax

As if the damage done by Equifax's negligence in allowing the massive data breach and its subsequent shenanigans in delaying publication of the data breach and its efforts to further screw consumers by stealing their right is not enough, now scammers (other than Equifax) are trying to profit off the data breach at the expense of consumers.

I have been told that scammers are placing calls to consumers posing as employees of Equifax attempting to "help" after the data breach.  These "employees" then ask for the consumers' personal identifiers (Social Security number, date of birth, full name, etc.) in an alleged effort to verify the identity of the consumer.  However, they really use want your information to use against you, so DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM!

First of all, Equifax will never call you about anything. This scam has been around for years but usually the scammers claim to work for the IRS.  Just like the IRS, Equifax will only deal with you in writing, so a call from someone claiming to be from Equifax is a big red flag that a scam is happening.

Secondly, after Equifax's blatant interest in only helping and protecting itself in the wake of the data breach its negligence allowed to happen, why would anyone think Equifax would go out of its way to call a consumer to help.  Equifax never helps. It only hurts consumers and does its best to profit from selling all of our information.  Just like Experian and Trans Union, Equifax only cares about profits and avoiding liability for its wrongdoing and malfeasance.

So if Equifax or the IRS is calling, hang up.  It's a scam.

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