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September 05, 2012

BIG news!!!

Big happenings going on in my household right now, which explains at least partially my silence of late.  Two major events are occurring as I type this.  First, the wife and I are moving the family from Clarksdale, Mississippi to Hernando, Mississippi.  Hernando is about an hour northeast of Clarksdale, so not really a long distance move but still a major event.

Even bigger than that is the other news.  Not only are we moving, but the wife and I are starting the Kittell Law Firm.  That's right, I have made the huge step of going out completely on my own.  No more law partners.  Just me and my wonderful and beautiful wife, who is going to be the firm's paralegal and office manager.

We are close to being completely open.  The office needed some renovations, which were completed first.  Then came office furniture.  Now, today, our computers are being installed as well as our phones and Internet.  Since leaving the old firm, I have been referred to by my wife as the "Lincoln Lawyer" since, much like Matthew McConaughey in the movie of that name, I have been practicing out of our vehicles, usually with one or more kids in the backseat.

So life is very exciting right now.  And, for the first time in a long time, the practice of law is both enjoyable and fulfilling once again.  So watch out credit bureaus, collection agencies and credit card companies, the FCRA lawyer is back ... and soon to be out of his Tahoe and back in an actual office.

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