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June 21, 2012

The Band is Back!!!

Anyone who has read this blog knows that I don't exactly love Experian.  I also don't really like their subsidiary, since they don't really offer free credit scores.  But I have to admit, I liked the down and out band that starred in the original commercials.  From living in the basement of their in-laws and having to settle for early '90's style cell phones, all due to bad credit and not knowing their credit score, these guys exemplified the rough life of having bad credit.

I'm not sure if they wrote their own songs, but the songs were so great and really underscored why your credit score is so important.  In fact, given Experian's tendency to not report accurate credit (which in turn leads to inaccurate credit scores), I think the commercials starring the original band were helpful in educating potential jurors across the nation about the importance of credit scores, jurors who hopefully would make Experian pay proper compensation to those injured as a result of Experian's failure to abide by the provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

For some reason, did away with the popular band, held a contest to find a replacement which simply turned out not to be as entertaining as the original band.  Apparently seeing their blunder, has announced that its bringing the original band back!  I can't wait to see some new material from them.


  1. Not sure my other post went through for review. I'll send it one more time.

    I AM SO HAPPY THE ORIGINAL BAND IS BACK!! When I seen the commercial the other night, I screamed, THEY'RE BACK!! I sure do like them. I love how the lead singer always moves his kneck to the rhythm of the music. If they do write their own songs, then honey child, they should start writting some for themselves and make an album. I would buy it. I'm glad you make this blog about them. Thanks Christine

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