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April 09, 2012

Not what the FCRA is supposed to be used for

An Antelope man (apparently a man from Antelope, California, not a freakish variation of a centaur) abused the protections of the FCRA to trick the credit bureaus.

Ricky Lamont Flemings plead guilty to two counts of Mail fraud related to his attempts to trick Experian by falsely claiming to be a victim of identity theft. Fleming then demanded that certain entries on his Experian credit report be Deleted from his credit report, even though the accounts were actually his. When Experian blocked the supposedly fraudulent but actually legitimate accounts from his credit report, Flemings looked to be a better credit risk then he actually was, which helped fool lenders into lending him more. As a result of his scheme, Flemings was able to finance the purchase of a Lincoln Navigator and a boat.

Flemings is to be sentenced on July 6. My suggested sentence would include Flemings giving a tutorial on how to get Experian to listen to your disputes of fraudulently opened accounts, since he was able to do what many real victims of identity theft are not able to do, i.e. get Experian to listen. He should be required to share the wording of his disputes, since he obviously knows the magic words to seduce Experian. Wonder if he k who's the secret incantations that would work on Equifax and Tran Union as well? Flemings could become the Frank Abignale of disputing to the credit bureaus, helping actual victims of identity theft to get relief from the credit bureaus. Surely such a valuable service to the community should be worth some time off of his sentence?! Just saying.

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