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February 28, 2012

Scam alert regarding buying prescriptions online

There is a new scam being used to cheat consumers out of their hard earned money. Or even their not so hard earned money. It goes like this:

Victim buys a prescription online. Some time later, sometimes years later, a scammer posing as an FBI agent calls the victim, usually from a Washington, D.C. number just to make it look more legit. The FBI impostor tells the victim that buying the medicine online is illegal and criminal charges are being pursued. The victim is often told a warrant has been issued for his or her arrest. The victim, however, can avoid the criminal charges by going ahead and paying a fine. The fine, if paid, goes into an overseas account, usually in the Dominican Republic. The "fine" ranges from $100 to $250,000!

Be on the lookout for this scam. And, for goodness sake, don't pay a $250,000 fine!

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